WATCH: "She Deserves It!" M'sian School Teacher Left Speechless After She Was Given Gold Bracelet By Her Students And Their Parents



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WATCH: "She Deserves It!" M'sian School Teacher Left Speechless After She Was Given Gold Bracelet By Her Students And Their Parents

By Ayunie

In a touching gesture of appreciation, Cikgu Shikin, a primary school teacher, was left speechless when parents of her class, the 6 Orbit students surprised her with a stunning gold bracelet at a class farewell party.

The heartwarming moment unfolded as Cikgu Shikin bid farewell to her students, marking the end of their primary school chapter. Little did she know that the parents had planned a surprise that she did not expect.

The surprise was captured in a heart-melting video uploaded on TikTok by one of the parents. In the video, Cikgu Shikin can be seen visibly moved and surprised as one of the parents carefully wrapped the bracelet on her wrist. The parent expressed her deep gratitude in the TikTok caption for Cikgu Shikin's unwavering dedication and exceptional care for 6 Orbit students. 

Watch the memorable video below, or click here to watch it on TikTok:

@nikmaria76 Cikgu Shikin speechless dgn hadiah anak2 murid 6 Orbit ttdione. Jasa cikgu tiada bandingan pd murid2 tahun 6. Hadiah ini bukan hariah dari orang perseorangan. Ini adalah hasil dati kutipan duit kelas dari awal tahun lagi dari semua parents. Sebahagian duit yg tinggal diginakan utk buat parti akhir tahun kelas dan baki untuk belikan hadiah kepada cikgu class atas jasa cikgu menjaga anak2 murid class 6 orbit dgn baik. Alhamdullilah n terima kasih atas jasa baik cikgu selama murid2 berada dibawah jagaan cikgu. Dan salam perpisahan dari murod Tahun 6 Orbit #classof2023ttdione #fyp Memori Tercipta - pië

The TikTok video quickly gained viral status, resonating with netizens who applauded Cikgu Shikin for her outstanding commitment to her students. The comment section overflowed with messages of appreciation and admiration for the beloved teacher.

What do you think of this memorable moment? Comment below.

Source: TikTok

gold bracelet 6 orbit students primary school farewell party @nikmaria76


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