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Bling Empire: Who Are The Crazy Rich Asians?

xweienx   |   Jan 20, 2021, 19:44   |   99

If you haven’t heard of "Bling Empire", which rock have you been under? The highly addictive Netflix reality series follows the lives of a group of ultra wealthy millionaires from Los Angeles, USA. Full of glitz, glamour, and a lot of parties, the series has shopping sprees to make your envy and enough drama to keep you hooked.

So, let's have a look at these ultra-wealthy Asians that are in the spotlight, shall we?

1. Kane Lim

We start off with someone closer to home. Kane Lim is the son of a Singaporean billionaire. His father made a fortune in shipping, oil, and tanking, but unfortunately, Kane is not at all interested to inherit his father's legacy. Instead, he moved to LA in his teens, made some good investments and launched his own luxury fashion brand with a loan from his father (which he paid back in two months), and has since been living the life.

However, he has not stopped working, continuing to make investments in real estate, biomedicine and renewable energy. He describes himself as a "real estate developer, investor, and philanthropist on his Instagram which gives you a glimpse of his lavish lifestyle.

In "Bling Empire", Kane seems to be the glue that sticks everyone together, helping to resolve conflicts between friends and supporting those in need of help. We would definitely love to have a friend like Kane around!

2. Dr. Gabriel Chiu & Christine Chiu

Christine was born in Taiwan and moved to America with her family. She married Dr. Gabriel Chiu, a physician of Chinese royalty descent (that means if the Chinese Dynasty still exists, Dr. Chiu will be the son of the emperor and next in line for the throne). Together, they had a baby - Baby G, and a plastic surgery clinic called Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery.

Despite being a philanthropist and making generous donations all around, viewers will agree that Christine is one of the few responsible for most of the drama in the show. Whether it is among the group or just within their family, there's a lot to look forward to from this interesting character.

3. Anna Shay

The 4 (FOUR!) time divorcee is the daughter of a billionaire father and a Japanese-American mother. After selling her father's defense company for "a few billions", she now travels to Paris for lunch and have shops closed up just for her.

What does she do on a daily basis? It seems like Shay's lifestyle is a more laid back one involving mainly shopping designer brands, attending and hosting parties. Her motto seems to be "YOLO" as she gives out advice to people around her. 

Being known as the "queen" among affluent LA Asians, Anna is known to treat the people she likes very well and convey to those that she dislikes with subtle hints and tricks. Pair her up with Christine, and it calls for plenty of interesting things in the show.

4. Jessey Lee & Cherie Chan

Jessey owns a furniture empire and Cherie inherited a denim empire, together they have one child and another one on the way. The only thing missing? A huge diamond ring. Going against all Asian norms, the couple are having 2 children without getting married.

Cherie was signed to Sony Music as a pop star in Japan but gave it up due to her mother's disapproval. In the show, you can watch her host grand parties for their child while going through personal issues and conflicts. As to whether they will ever get married? You just have to watch to find out!

5. Kim Lee

After her Vietnamese parents split, Kim Lee and her mother continued on with their lives in LA. She went on to be a model, gracing covers of GQ and Esquire magazines, then an international DJ. She was crowned "Sexiest Woman in the World" by FHM back in 2011.

With an amazing figure and exotic looks (and a mother that constantly tells her to show her "assets"), she is definitely eye candy for many viewers of the show. However, when it comes to her character, there is a clear split for those who love her and those who don't.

You'll spot Kim Lee causing a few troubles in "Bling Empire" while trying to find her biological father whom she has lost contact with. Will she ever find him?

6. Kelly Mi Li

"Bling Empire" could be this Chinese native's debut on-screen, but she is not unfamiliar with Hollywood. She worked hard in multiple jobs and inventually became a serial entrepreneur and successful investor. As mentioned earlier, she also knows a thing or two about TV shows as she produced several shows of her own.

While she seems to have everything under her control, the one thing she can't seem to control is her love life. Having been in an on and off relationship with a Power Ranger (you'll get it when you watch the show) and part of some sort of a "love triangle", it'll be hard for viewers to keep up with what her feelings are at any point in time. Oh, did we mention she used to be married to one of the biggest con-man in America?

7. Jamie Xie

A young girl with an Olympic dream, Jamie Xie is the daughter of Beijing tech billionaire Ken Xie. However, before successfully being an Olympic equestrian, Jamie discovered that she loved fashion even more, and proceed to live a fashionista life, raking in tens of thousands of dollars being an Instagram influencer.

Even without reading her biography, you can tell that she is THE fashion icon in "Bling Empire". Constantly dressing in striking and eye-catching fashion, she might be criticized as being "too much" by some viewers. But hey, don't hate the player just because she gets to spend thousands on dollars just on clothes every day.

8. Kevin Kreider

Now, Kevin might not be a billionaire like the others in the show, but he definitely stands out. The Korean model was adopted at a young age by a German-Irish family. He seemed to have it all - rich friends, great looks, great abs, but apparently no fashion sense. 

In the show, we see Kevin's jaws drop just like ours as his friends spend hundreds and thousands of dollars for a piece of clothing or food. In a way, he is sort of an "inside-man" for the viewers, helping with our fantasies of living among the rich as an average person.

Found a favorite yet? Picked a side yet? Catch all the drama and more on Netflix now!

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