Try Out These Malaysian-Made Brews and Liquors



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Try Out These Malaysian-Made Brews and Liquors

By MJC97

Our grandparents used to only be able to get alcohol like toddy, samsu dan tuak but now we youngsters opt for Jack Daniels and Black Label. Wahh, so fancy ah!

Well, dear youngsters, try showing some of love to local alcohol brands also la. Not saying that you have to go buy samsu every time you want to celebrate la, kesian your liver. I’m saying try out these locally made brews and liquors during your next boozy Friday night at home:

1. Timah Whiskey

Timah is Malaysia's first whisky to be globally recognised. It was also awarded a silver medal by the International Spirits Challenge 2020 (ISC) and another silver medal by the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC). 

Timah is made with a fine balance of malt and sugarcane molasses to suit local and regional tastes. It starts off with a faint floral bouquet and gradually moves through a smoky palate before settling into a sweet, light oak finish

2. Modern Madness Beer

Okay, you know how one of Malaysia’s unique selling points is that we are a country with multiple races, traditions, cultures, and flavours? Well, Modern Madness reflects that in their self-brewed beers. 

They have infused local flavours into their beers. Here are some of their flavours: Dim Sum Beer, Lemongrass Lager, Bak Kut Teh and Kopi Stout.

3. Tuak Atelier

Tuak is a type of local wine that is traditionally made with rice, rice milk, water—though sugar is often used today as well—and a yeast-enzyme starter mix known as ragi. Tuak Atelier is based in Miri, Sarawak and it aims to helps indigenous tribes censure the continuity of their culture while earning a relugar income. 

They too have perfected the art of adding local flavours to their local wine. Some of the flavours their tuak comes in are Unggu, Roselle Momo, and Passion Keling.

4. ReissJaden Wine

ReissJaden Wine is Malaysia’s first locally produced wine. It is made from Malaysian fruits such as lemon, pineapple, famous Bentong old ginger root and Coffee seeds. 

By just reading about it, we think it will definitely pair well with our spicy Malaysian food. You can find out more about them here. 

5. VISS Vodka Liqueur

First of all, allow me to say that they look so pretty! VISS is a premium Vodka Liqueur with refreshing fruity flavours combined with shimmery colours to create a misty-galaxy look. 

Some of their flavours are cherry, blueberry, passion fruit, wild berries and their signature flavour: Durian. 

6. Eiling Lim Gin

Eiling Lim spent 2 years experimenting and creating until she came up with these small batch handcrafted gin that is infused with local ingredients. 

She created three gins with local flavours that are now known as Nasty Nangka, Gawky Galangal and Pandan Predator. 

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