WATCH: Durian Falls On Girl's Face, Seller Refuses To Pay For Treatment



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WATCH: Durian Falls On Girl's Face, Seller Refuses To Pay For Treatment

By JustineG

The spiky exterior of a durian's shell makes it prone to accidentally pricking or even cutting anyone who comes into contact with it. In a case that unfolded in Shanghai, a young girl sustained facial injuries from being hit by a durian, resulting in a scar. 

Despite the incident, the fruit shop declined to compensate for the girl's medical expenses, leaving her parents dissatisfied. According to reports, the girl's mother recounted that while they were at the fruit shop making a purchase, a staff member mishandled the durian and it struck her daughter's face.

Surveillance footage showed the staff member holding the durian by the stem and passing it to the girl's mother. As the mother instinctively reached out to take the durian, the staff member released it prematurely. This caused the durian to fall and injure the girl's face, leaving a wound extending from below her eye to the corner of her mouth.

Later, the girl was taken to the hospital for treatment. The doctor recommended laser therapy, which requires six sessions per treatment and may need to be repeated multiple times. Despite the treatment, scarring would still likely occur. The staff member paid over 2,000 yuan (approximately RM 1,280) for medical expenses on that day.

However, following negotiations with the shop owner, the shop declined further compensation for future medical expenses. The mother expressed dissatisfaction with this outcome and reported the incident to the police. Yet, the authorities were unable to contact the shop owner. 

Regarding the situation, some internet users believe that the way the durian was handed over and packaged by the staff member was problematic. 

Others speculate that the mother's inability to properly receive the durian led to the mishap. Some feel that both sides share responsibility, with the innocent victim being the young girl who suffered the injury.

Watch the full video here:

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