WATCH: "WTF Is Wrong With You?!" Man Caught Drowning GF In Subang Jaya Condominium Pool Because She's Allegedly Pregnant



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WATCH: "WTF Is Wrong With You?!" Man Caught Drowning GF In Subang Jaya Condominium Pool Because She's Allegedly Pregnant

By JustineG

A man is believed to have attempted to murder his girlfriend by attempting to drown her in a swimming pool recently. 

Based on the content of the video, a friend of the person who shared the video has provided details about the incident that occurred yesterday at D'latour condominium in Subang Jaya. The informant heard screams from outside and went to the balcony to witness a man assaulting a woman, repeatedly attempting to drown her. He hurried downstairs to intervene, and after some time, the security guards also arrived. He mentioned that the video captured only a part of the incident, which lasted for about 20-30 minutes before the guards arrived.

In the video shared, which lasted more than a minute, the couple can be seen arguing first. The situation escalated when the man began to act violently and assault the woman. More brutally, the man was seen dragging the victim by her hair and throwing her into the swimming pool before attempting to drown her. However, the woman was fortunate to escape from the man's grip after struggling for several moments. Seeing the woman fighting back, the man then retreated.

"The woman told my friend that the man had just found out about her pregnancy. She also refused to abort it, which angered the man and led him to hit her," he said. He added that his friend informed him that the woman still defended the man when the security guards arrived and repeatedly asked them not to intervene in their affairs.

So far, there has been no statement issued by the victim or the authorities.

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