“I'm a virgin and not sure how to use a vibrator” | We're Giving You All The Tips You Need



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“I'm a virgin and not sure how to use a vibrator” | We're Giving You All The Tips You Need

By ellephant

Believe it or not, there is still so many women out there who have yet to have sexual intercourse, or maybe just do not intend to. 

However, that in no way means that they do not feel the need or desire for pleasure, as well as exploring their own bodies. In the spirit of understanding ourselves better,  we're here to teach the lot of you how to use a vibrator right. 


So should you find yourself needing the extra tips, here are the 4 easy techniques that may get you off ;)

1. Shallowing

This is when you slide the vibrator between your inner labia, for a little tease, then slowly moving on to the clitoris, and finally exploring internally. 

2. A helping hand

Showing your partner how it is done, or what you like, and then having them do it for you, can definitely help improve your experience. 


3. A gentle massage

The head of a vibrator makes it almost impossible to have clitoral stimulation, use it, or on your labia to get the process going. 

4. + Oral sex

On top of using a vibrator, you could also have your partner go down on you. For instance, vibrator in and tongue on clit. 

Easier said than done of course, but if you never try, you'll never know. So, give it a go!


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