An HK University Is Offering Up To RM4000 A Month To Shit Donors



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An HK University Is Offering Up To RM4000 A Month To Shit Donors


The Chinese University of Hong Kong is recruiting faeces donors who can earn up to $100 (approximately RM56.50) per donation. Donors will also receive additional bonuses based on the frequency, quality, and weight of their donations, up to a maximum of $7,000 (approximately RM3,977) per month.

What Are These Faeces Be Used For

According to information provided by the CUHK Medical School, some "good bacteria" can be found in the faeces of healthy individuals. Through faecal microbiota transplantation (FMT), these beneficial bacteria can be transferred to patients in need, improving their gut microbiome and treating diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune diseases, and metabolic disorders.

What Are The Donor's Requirements

To become a donor, individuals must pass a series of tests and meet the following conditions: 

1. Aged between 18-50

2. BMI below 30

3. Has no long-term illness or a non-gastrointestinal disease patient

4. Pass the health questionnaire, blood test, and faecal sample test  
How It Is Done

If one successfully passed the requirements, the donors must provide at least three faecal samples per week. They can do so at designated restrooms or at their own home and send the sample to the collection point within two hours.

Diet Restrictions: No Processed Food

While the program does not impose strict dietary restrictions, donors are encouraged to eat natural foods and avoid processed foods. This is because the food additive can disrupt the gut microbiome. 

Also, donors are also required to suspend taking any probiotic supplements during the donation period temporarily.

Are you interested? Check out the CUHK website for more information.

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