WATCH: Injured Cat Rescued From Elmina Plane Crash Site Gets Treated To Recovery



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WATCH: Injured Cat Rescued From Elmina Plane Crash Site Gets Treated To Recovery

By JustineG

A cat named 'Oyen' also became a victim of the unfortunate incident involving a Beechcraft Model 390 plane crash on Elmina Avenue, Shah Alam, last Thursday.

The cat was found by rescue teams in an injured condition on its body.

Through a post on Instagram, a veterinarian known as Zulerwan informed that the cat was discovered by the medical team of the Ministry of Health (KKM).

"Oyen was present at the scene when the plane crashed in Elmina. 

"Thanks to the KKM ambulance team for rescuing Oyen," wrote the doctor.

In the same post, he also shared several pictures and videos showing the injuries the cat sustained and its condition after receiving treatment.

Following the sharing, netizens expressed sympathy for Oyen's fate and for the other victims affected by the incident.

"Oh Allah, I can't imagine how scared Oyen must have been at that time. Thanks to those who took the effort to rescue him and not leave him like that. Get well soon," wrote @aisyahlii.

Another user, @noorjunaina, left a comment saying, "Thank you, doc (doctor), and the KKM team for rescuing Oyen."

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