SHOCKING: Taiwan Hit By Strongest Earthquake With 7.5 Magnitude In 25 Years



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SHOCKING: Taiwan Hit By Strongest Earthquake With 7.5 Magnitude In 25 Years

2 Weeks ago
By JustineG

Today, Taiwan was struck by a powerful earthquake measuring at least 7.4 magnitude off its coast, making it the strongest seismic event in the region in a quarter-century. Hualien County on the east coast bore the brunt of the impact, with two buildings partially collapsing, prompting urgent rescue efforts.

The quake triggered tremors across Taiwan, leading to nine landslides that blocked sections of the Suhua Highway in Hualien, disrupting rail services nationwide. Striking just before 8 a.m. during peak commuting hours, the earthquake caused injuries, with authorities expecting the casualty count to rise. As aftershocks continued, the county government opened evacuation centres in high schools and sports grounds to shelter residents.,c_fill/f_webp

According to a news report from CNN, Taiwan's National Fire Agency reported at least four fatalities and 57 injuries resulting from the earthquake, with casualties primarily recorded in Hualien County. Among the deceased was a hiker. The NFA also said that officials will continue to collect data on the extent of the damage and casualties.

Significant damage has been reported, including individuals trapped in collapsed structures in Hualien County, widespread power outages affecting thousands of homes, and the closure of a major highway along the east coast due to landslides and rockfalls, as confirmed by Taiwanese authorities.

A Taiwan's Central Weather Administration spokesperson cautioned that powerful aftershocks, potentially reaching up to magnitude 7, are anticipated to persist until the week's end.

The epicentre, located about 10 miles beneath the sea surface off Hualien, produced an aftershock of magnitude 6.5. In Taipei, buildings shook for over a minute after the initial quake. Hualien, known for its seismic activity, experienced a deadly earthquake in 2018, resulting in 17 fatalities.

Source: Straits Times, CNN

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