The Danger Of Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer | 3-Year-Old Burned And Injured



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The Danger Of Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer | 3-Year-Old Burned And Injured

By joeeeenggg

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of people are wearing face masks and using hand sanitizer, for personal hygiene purposes. However, is it safe to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer, despite the fact that the alcohol in it could help in killing germs?

If you think it is safe, this news, as reported by Sin Chew Daily, will certainly change your perception!

According to Sin Chew Daily, this 3-year-old girl was burned and deeply injured when she got near to the flame while holding an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. This horrifying incident happened on April 4 in Jakarta, as reported.  
Facebook: Kiki Henky Gunawan

It was learned that the victim was walking past the garbage incineration near her home while holding an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. That was the moment the fire burned on her. She was immediately rushed to the hospital nearby.

The victim got transferred to another hospital as the hospital that she was initially sent to was specialized in treating COVID-19 patients. Due to the high surgical cost, the family of the victim has no choice but to turn to Facebook to ask for the help of people to raise funds for her surgery. Her family member, Kiki posted the whole incident on Facebook and they hope to raise 21 million rupiahs (MYR 5700).  
Facebook: Kiki Henky Gunawan

Kiki too revealed in the post that the father of the victim, who is in Tangerang, could not return home due to the lockdown in Indonesia. She further disclosed that the victim's injuries got better after the surgery and had returned to her mother-in-law's home.

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