Man Bleeds to Death at Bangsar After a Brutal Fight



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Man Bleeds to Death at Bangsar After a Brutal Fight

By ellephant

A presumed gang-related fight broke out in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur last night and one man shockingly died. A video of the incident was taken at the scene, and many people appeared to appalling watch, as the group went at it. 

Based on tweets by netizens, the victim was injured badly, and had bled out to death near a 7-Eleven nearby. Apparently, no one had reached out to call an ambulance or the cops as the scene unfolded, till it was a little too late. 

Based on reports by The Star, the 28 year old man was walking with his friend at a parking lot, after consuming alcohol at a restaurant on Jalan Telawi around 1am on Saturday (March 13). As the victim and his friend walked towards their car, they met with another group of men, and a fight ensued.  

After being slashed with a knife and stabbed with beer bottles, the victim fled and collapsed near 7e. He was then rushed to the hospital, but passed midst receiving treatment. 

The victim's friend on the other hand, suffered injuries to his face, and is currently at Hospital Kuala Lumpur.  

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