【Lifestyle】Tired Of Working From Home? These Are The Reasons Why People Thrive In Coworking Spaces:



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Tired Of Working From Home? These Are The Reasons Why People Thrive In Coworking Spaces:

Ayunie   |   Oct 22, 2021, 15:09   |   691

Let's face it— traditional offices are slowly becoming a thing of the past. The pandemic, particularly, has definitely shifted the traditional working culture now that WFH culture is widely being implemented. That being said, the culture itself does have its constraints as well.


The WFH culture precipitates a few limitations, as often individuals who spend too much time at home would eventually crave some resemblance of normalcy outside their four walls— and this is where the concept of coworking spaces comes in. 

A coworking space is, essentially, a shared working space with an affordable and contemporary working environment that joins together multiple companies under one roof.

Having a designated workspace is proven to benefit an individual in many ways such as:

• Boost In Productivity


Studies show that between 75% and 90% of coworkers love the personal connections that the culture of coworking allows. It increases their motivation to work, making them feel more engaged and a little less lonely. These positive emotions coupled with flexible working policies will eventually contribute to the increase in productivity. 

• Exposure Towards Networking Opportunities


The harmoniously structured and internally connected work area stimulates better interaction with like-minded individuals. Working under the same roof with different companies means you'll get to build connections and collaborate with a vast community, thus opening more doors for your personal and career growth in ways that having an isolated working environment couldn't. 

• Cost-efficiency And Flexibility


The coworking model is helpful especially since it eliminates the obligations of being tied to a lease. In short, it costs way less compared to renting a whole office, and you only pay for the space you need, while also enjoying the benefits and amenities.  

Tempted to work in a coworking space available around Klang Valley? Here's Our Top Pick: Co-labs Coworking!



# Co-labs Coworking

It's a vibrant workspace that combines work and wellness, and when flexibility meets productivity. 





At Co-labs Coworking , each space is equipped with amenities that are well thought of. With a melange of work and productive leisure in mind, Co-labs Coworking is specially designed for those who do not necessarily like to conform to the norms. 

# Amenities


Co-labs Coworking provides numerous amenities that help you stay productive and engaged, including:

• Free hot beverages

• Nap pods

• Recreational lounges

• Fast internet

• Workspace wellness




# Strategic Locations

Required to travel for work? No worries, Co-labs Coworking has 5 different locations across Klang Valley for you to work at any time:


# New Coworking Pass: 


Co-labs Coworking has recently introduced a new  Coworking Pass: Get Back On Track where you can choose between a 1-Day Pass , a 7-Day Pass , or a 30-Day Pass — not to mention the free barista-grade coffee! In each pass, you'll be able to enjoy daily free seating, access to member amenities as well as all other locations. Check out these other perks: 


# Register today!

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For more information, you can simply go to any of their social media platforms: 





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