Here Are 6 Signs He Must Be UHHH-MAZING In Bed



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Here Are 6 Signs He Must Be UHHH-MAZING In Bed

By ellephant

Whether we outwardly speak of it or not, we all want mind-blowing sex. 

Man, woman and anyone on the spectrum, understands that being appeased in bed can go a long way for physical, mental and emotional health. 

But, are there ways to tell if a man, per say, is good in bed?  

We came across 6 signs you can watch out for, to put the theory to the test. 

Check them out down below and see if we're right. 

#1 He uses his hands to talk 

A guy that has the tendency to use his hands when he speaks, is probably really good with his hands, in bed too.  

#2 He pays attention to your feelings

When he gives his undivided attention to how you feel out of bed, he will do the same for when the two of you are in bed. 

#3 He isn't selfish

If he offers to get the bill, share his food, has genuinely unselfish tendencies, he'd probably also be extremely generous when the two of you have sex.  

#4 He is a great kisser

If he knows how to kiss, then the rest is self-explanatory really. 

#5 His eye contact game is strong

Eyes are the windows to the soul, so if he intensely looks at you, you just know his bed-titude be a whole nother level.  

#6 He isn't in a rush

Should he be serious about showing you a good time in bed, then he'll show you you're worth the wait. 

Does he fit the list? If the answer's no, we're thinking thank you next. 

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