Haunted Or Not? This Real Estate Agency Calls In 'Ghostbusters' To Investigate Property If It Has Any Ghostly Activities



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Haunted Or Not? This Real Estate Agency Calls In 'Ghostbusters' To Investigate Property If It Has Any Ghostly Activities

By JustineG

From the infamous Banglo Mona Fendi to the haunted Villa Nabila, there have been numerous residences that the public believes are haunted. 

Whether it's due to long periods of vacancy or unfortunate incidents like murders, such places are often labelled as haunted, making it challenging for real estate agents to sell these properties. 

That's why the Facebook page KL Selangor Lelong Properties recently made an interesting move by hiring a team of paranormal investigators Ghostbusters to examine the paranormal activity at a property in Klang.


In their post, the paranormal team acknowledged no major signs of ghostly activity during their observation of the house. 

They attributed flickering lights to faulty wiring, the opening and closing of doors to the wind, and creepy noises to wild animals in the area. However, they mentioned that further investigation would require them to spend 15 days at the location.


For your information, this particular property, valued at RM2.4 million, was listed for auction at RM1.4 million. 

It is situated in a gated community with residents having access to clubhouse facilities. The Facebook post quickly grabbed public attention, and upon our observation, we noticed some netizens questioning the authenticity and credibility of the paranormal investigators. 


Some even praised the real estate agent's proactive approach in investigating the property, as it provides potential buyers with reassurance that the place is not haunted.

It seems like the debate about haunted properties continues to intrigue and captivate the public. 


Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it's fascinating to see how people's perceptions and superstitions can impact the real estate market. 

So, would you dare to buy a property rumoured to be haunted?

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