SHOCKING: "I Thought I Was Going To Die!!" Drunk Grab Driver Recklessly Hits 110km/h, Putting Passenger At Risk



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SHOCKING: "I Thought I Was Going To Die!!" Drunk Grab Driver Recklessly Hits 110km/h, Putting Passenger At Risk

By JustineG

One midnight, a woman who had secured a Grab ride with a driver flaunting a five-star rating found herself in a distressing predicament. The driver, emanating a strong alcohol odour, accelerated to 110km/h on the highway, prompting the passenger to fear for her life. 

According to AsiaOne, the woman had opted for the Grab ride to quickly reach home due to feeling unwell. Recounting the alarming journey, the woman described the driver's excessive speed on the expressway and reckless swerving through turns.

Despite being secured by a seatbelt, she experienced a surge of fear, even reaching out to a friend for prayers. The Land Transport Authority mandates a maximum speed limit of 90km/h on open expressways in Singapore and between 70km/h and 80km/h in expressway tunnels.

During the anxiety-inducing ride, the passenger refrained from confronting the driver, fearing a potentially violent reaction. Feeling utterly helpless, she reported the incident to Grab the following day, receiving a meagre 'one-time goodwill' reimbursement of $3 (RM10.58) from her $16.10 (RM56.80) fare.

Expressing dissatisfaction, she underscored the severity of the incident and criticized Grab for not taking more decisive action against the 'five-star' driver.

According to the Road Traffic Act, drink-driving offenders can face penalties for surpassing the legal alcohol limit. The woman emphasized the lack of severe consequences for the driver, urging Grab to prioritize the gravity of drink-driving incidents. She expressed disappointment with the offered $3 (RM10.58) Grab credit, questioning the value placed on her life.

While Grab acknowledged the investigation into the matter, the woman remains dissatisfied, emphasizing the potential danger and advocating for stricter measures against drivers engaging in such hazardous behaviour.

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