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6 Useful Stuffs for A Better Study Environment x SHOPEE

By yiyingxx

During this lockdown we couldn’t go back to school or campus. That means most of the time we would sit in front of the table desk to study! If the environment is uncomfortable and the study materials are incomprehensive, it is hard to focus on the study all the time! Thus, here are some useful stationeries and desk organizers for you.

1. Winzige Dual Tip Highlighters Morandi Marker Pen Student Office Stationery Journal Supplies

Shopee Link: Highlighters

Price: RM0.76/piece

Product Description: Two colors in one highlighter / Approximately 15.5cm of length

Ships from: Mainland China


2. imoda 1PC INS Smiley Face Stickers Scrapbooking Planner Lable Stickers School Stationery

Shopee Link: Stickers

Price: RM0.22/piece

Product Description: Paper material / 16 * 13 cm 

Ships from: Mainland China


3. Retro Morandi Sticky Note 200pcs Colorful Memo Pad Lable Sticker Bookmarks Notepad School Office Stationery

Shopee Link: Sticky Notes

Price: RM3.90/200 pieces

Product Description: 1 set include 10 colors / Transparent Plastic with ruler

Ships from: Selangor


4. NIKKI Mini Cutter Mini Knife Office School Supplies Cute Art Knife

Shopee Link: Mini Cutter

Price: RM0.80 - RM1.45

Product Description: 40*60mm

Ships from: Mainland China


5. Office Desk Organizer Stationery Storage Box Pen Storage Pen Holder Student Stationery Shelf Office School Supplies

Shopee Link: Desk Organizers

Price: RM1.51 - RM4.65

Colors: Black / Beige / Pink / Blue / Green 

Ships from: Selangor


7. Computer Rack Laptop Rack Table Rack Shelf Base Desktop Keyboard Rack Storage Tray Bracket Height Increased

Shopee Link: Computer Rack

Price: RM7.00 - RM27.50

Product Description: 50 x 20 x 7.6cm (1.7kg) / Weight Load - up to 15kg

Ships from: Perak


Apart from stationeries, some desk organizers are very useful for you to have a better environment to study. A neat and clean desk will definitely increase your mood to sit in front of it! So hurry up to grab these stuffs from Shopee.

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