You Can Text Better Now On WhatsApp, Thanks To This Feng Shui Guide



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You Can Text Better Now On WhatsApp, Thanks To This Feng Shui Guide

4 Days ago
By Grace Sundram

Every year, our Chinese New Year-observant friends see a guru to find out how their zodiac animal will align with Feng Shui for the coming year. Unfamiliar to some, Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese concept that aspires to harmonize the physical and natural elements of living spaces in order to enhance good vibes also known as "chi," which may be loosely translated into "wind" and "water" in English. This works to help ward off any negative energy as well. 

In addition, because it is the Year of the Rabbit, Caca Yau, a Hong Kong-based Feng Shui expert and regular on television, will provide tips on how to perform at your best in WhatsApp chats this year based on your zodiac.

Check out your zodiac animals:

Additionally, you'll get a lot of chances to go on business and leisure trips. Keep in mind that WhatsApp just needs data to function, and you can exchange text, voice, and video calls to keep in touch wherever you are. By updating your Status with excerpts from your journey, you may even share your travels while you're on the road.

WHATSAPP text cny Feng Shui Guide

Grace Sundram

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