We Love Warrior Princess Pocahontas, But Here Are 6 Things Disney Didn't Say About Her...



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We Love Warrior Princess Pocahontas, But Here Are 6 Things Disney Didn't Say About Her...

By ellephant

When we were young, we spent our times enjoying the best of Disney. Don't get us wrong, we're still doing that, but there was just something about our childhoods. 

Pocahontas was one of the many badass princesses we aspired to be. 


A native American who falls in love with an English colonizer, or so Disney narrated. Her story however, is far from fiction. 

Here are 6 (among many) facts about Pocahontas that Disney didn't say. Check them out!

#1 Pocahontas was only 10-12 when she actually met John Smith


In the film, she was 18, but in reality, Pocahontas was still a girl when he came to Virginia. 

#2 Pocahontas never had a romantic relationship with John Smith


She was but a little girl. The two were only friends. Pocahontas even help save his life when he was taken prisoner by her father. 

#3 Kocoum was Pocahontas first husband before John Rolfe


The younger brother of Chief Japazaw of the Potowomac tribe, the two of them moved to his home village, where she gave birth to their first son together. He was then killed by the English. 

#4 English colonizers kidnapped and abused Pocahontas, and other indigenous women


Many Indigenous women were kidnapped and abused mentally, sexually, and physically by colonists, and Pocahontas was one of them. She at the time looked like she would take her own life. 

#5 Pocahontas' name was changed to Rebecca before she married John Rolfe


She was kidnapped and held hostage for a long time. During her captivity, Pocahontas was converted to Christianity and baptized under the name Rebecca.

#6 Pocahontas died by the age of 21


Pocahontas was only 21 when she passed away, about three years after marrying John Rolfe. She fell ill and succumbed to either smallpox, pneumonia, tuberculosis, or hemorrhagic dysentery. 

And there you have it, 6 unknown un-romanticized facts about Pocahontas we're betting you didn't know. 

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