WATCH: "No, This Is My Account!" Klang Valley's Popular Optical Boutique 'Pott Glasses' Gets Their IG Account Hacked By Fake "Food Blogger"



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WATCH: "No, This Is My Account!" Klang Valley's Popular Optical Boutique 'Pott Glasses' Gets Their IG Account Hacked By Fake "Food Blogger"

By JustineG

Eh, people can buy Instagram accounts ah?

Residents of the Klang Valley who wear glasses are likely familiar with Pott Glasses, renowned for its diverse range of eyewear styles catering to Malaysians.

Today, followers of Pott Glasses on Instagram were taken aback when they discovered that their account had been hacked and all their posts deleted, although their story highlights and tagged photos remained.

Slide to watch the videos he has posted here:

The account was allegedly taken over by an individual posing as a "food blogger" named Mike who has been posting videos and images of food since this morning. In response to the account takeover, the Pott Glasses team created a backup account under the handle @heypottbuddies seeking an explanation of how Mike gained access to the account.

The individual, however, denied any knowledge of Pott Glasses and insisted that they had purchased the account.

Screenshots of the conversation revealed the hacker's claims of having purchased the account and the team's plea for an amicable resolution without involving authorities. Despite attempts to contact the imposter, Mike remained unresponsive, offering excuses such as learning to edit videos and photos.

When questioned about the purchase, the team requested proof of possible compensation to buy their account back. The situation remains tense as the Pott Glasses team strives to regain control of their account.

In a recent update, Mike posted a video addressing the influx of comments and announced an Instagram Live session at 9:30 PM.

UPDATE 9:43 PM: Mike is now on Instagram Live but instead of talking about the issue, he is asking "how to be an influencer" and if he should change his hairstyle. Several comments from Pott Glasses' followers have commented, "You're talking about your hair while the owners are panicking!" Right after few comments asking him to give back the account, he abruptly ended the Live session. 

As for now, we will keep you updated as soon as we get some more information.

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