Final Month Of The Year! Here Are 10 Brand New K-Dramas To Finish 2023



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Final Month Of The Year! Here Are 10 Brand New K-Dramas To Finish 2023

By ellephant

The last month of the year is here, and with it a grand finale K-Drama list for the year.

10 new ones, check them out, down below!

1. Sweet Home 2  

Release: 1 Dec

Genre: Action, Horror, Drama, Sci-Fi

Episodes: 8

Broadcast: Netflix

2. My Man Is Cupid  

Release: 1 Dec

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy

Episodes: 16

Broadcast: Prime Video

3. Welcome To Samdal-ri  

Release: 2 Dec

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Life, Drama

Episodes: 16

Broadcast: jTBC, Netflix, TVING

4. Night Has Come  

Release: 4 Dec

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Horror, Youth

Episodes: 12

Broadcast: Viki

5. Soundtrack #2  

Release: 6 Dec

Genre: Music, Romance, Drama

Episodes: TBA

Broadcast: Disney +

6. Maestra: Strings Of Truth  

Release: 9 Dec

Genre: Music, Thriller, Mystery, Drama

Episodes: 12

Broadcast: tvN

7. Death's Game  

Release: 15 Dec

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Fantasy

Episodes: 8

Broadcast: TVING

8. Like Flowers In Sand  

Release: 20 Dec

Genre: Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Youth

Episodes: 12

Broadcast: ENA

9. Gyeongseong Creature  

Release: 22 Dec

Genre: Action, Thriller, Historical, Sci-Fi

Episodes: 7

Broadcast: Netflix

10. My Happy End  

Release: 30 Dec

Genre: Thriller, Psychological

Episodes: 16

Broadcast: tvN

And that's your final list for 2023! Enjoy...

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