WATCH: Locals Spotted 'Tukar Duit Raya' Booth At Bazaar Ramadan & Wonders If This A Thing?



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WATCH: Locals Spotted 'Tukar Duit Raya' Booth At Bazaar Ramadan & Wonders If This A Thing?

By JustineG

With Raya fast approaching, it's natural that we want to give out 'duit raya' to our loved ones. However, sometimes we face the challenge of not having enough small change. 

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This has led to the recent discovery of businesses offering 'tukar duit raya' services, as seen in a video uploaded by a Malaysian on TikTok. While it's convenient, it's important to note that such services often come with a service fee. 

@azie_maziahh Dengar sampai habis untuk tahu cara yang betul (halal)untuk tukar duit raya. Elak riba#CapCut bunyi asal - AZIE_MAZIAH️

To address this, Ustaz Azhar Idrus (UAI) has commented on the matter, highlighting the potential religious implications of charging a fee for 'duit raya'. He explains that if someone wishes to exchange RM100 into smaller denominations, the person assisting should provide exactly RM100, not RM98, to avoid any involvement of riba (usury). He emphasises that the exchanged value must remain the same, and he provides guidance on how to properly charge a fee for this service in his video. 

It's hoped that this knowledge will be beneficial and that those already aware of the legal implications can adjust their practices accordingly.

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