"Where Is My Luggage?!" Local Radio DJ Roasts Batik Air Over Delayed Luggage Following Nepal Trip



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"Where Is My Luggage?!" Local Radio DJ Roasts Batik Air Over Delayed Luggage Following Nepal Trip

By JustineG

Local Chinese radio DJ Li Xin Yi from Eight FM recently flew back to the country with Batik Air but hasn't received her luggage yet, leaving her regretting not buying insurance! She expressed her frustration on Facebook on Monday night, mentioning that it was her first time flying with Batik Air and her first encounter with luggage delay.


Li Xin Yi recently travelled to Nepal to attend a wedding and witness her friend's happiness as a newlywed. Although it was a good trip, the flight experience was frustrating. She explained that the airline attributed the delay to runway issues, thus, for safety purposes, all passengers' luggage didn't accompany them back. 

"For safety reasons, such a decision is certainly correct. But later, I found out that Batik seems to have such incidents frequently..." Li Xin Yi shared that a friend who flew back a day later with Batik Air also faced the same luggage mishap.


"It seems like a chain reaction. Could it be because everyone's 35kg allowance is being overloaded? If so, it's not a safety issue but rather a management problem with this airline." 

"The staff said the luggage would arrive within 24 hours, but it's been two days since returning, and my luggage is still nowhere to be found?" 

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