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Desk Buddy | Gift Your Friend A Plant That Matches Their Soul

By m7py

Is your BFF bombing your phone everyday with 'I Miss You', 'I'm So Lonely' or 'I Have Nobody'? Make them one less lonely hooman with a mini desk plant. Check out which little one goes well with their personality & send it over today! 

1- Bear's Paw
Source: Instagram

Don't those chunky baby paws make you want to cuddle up with the pot all night? Get this for your friends who remind you of:

- The CEO. They work day & night, especially for something they really love. Once they stand for something, good luck changing their mind. 
- The Black Swan. So delicate yet graceful. A one in a million gem with many secret charms. 
- The Nice One. They never hurt anyone with what they do or say. Always paying attention to people's feelings. 

Source: Instagram

Kalanchoe only blossoms up to 8 weeks. It doesn't take a lot of water & light to grow. This easy-to-care plant goes well with:

- The Yo-Yo Friend. They fall 7 times, but get back up 8. 'Quitting'? They've never heard of it. 
- The 'Elon Musk Is My Idol'. They juggle many jobs & dream of becoming the next richest person in Malaysia. 
- The Now You See, Now You Don't. They go off radar for months & show up randomly, looking like a total stranger. But then *poof*, gone with the wind!
- The Romeo/Juliet. The lovey-dovey ones who will catch a bullet for their lovers. Always asking their baes to +1 in gatherings, trips, etc. 'Yay, fun!'

3- Marimo Moss Ball
Source: Instagram

This popular aquatic pet from Japan is much easier to deal with than cats or dogs. Better yet, it lasts up to 100 years. It makes the perfect soulmate for your single friends. 

-The Titanic. Each of their love story ends up a disaster. Cat fights, mean tweets, or restraining orders- they've been through so much that they're done with romance altogether. 
-The Lone Ranger. They hate depending on others & love their own company instead. Solo trips, eating out alone, or the single life? They got it! 
-The Introvert. The shy type that prefers to curl up in a ball on bed on a Saturday night. They are private & take time to open up to people. 

4-Red Yucca

Source: Instagram

NASA said that Yucca makes the best natural purifier, as it removes toxin in the air. So, here's to saving your friends from all the toxic things (or people) around them.

-The Avengers. Your guardian angels that protect you from anything evil: a stalker, a flat tire, or your crappy ex (oops). They got your back!
-The Innocent One. NSFW memes? 'I don't get it.' Dark humour? 'I don't get it.' Inside jokes? 'I don't get it.' You don't even care to explain anymore. 
-The Lawyer. Need a 24/7 personal advisor? You turn to them for a solid 2nd opinion, whether to pick a car, buy stocks, or quit your job.

Source: Instagram

Its flowers look like little purple butterflies flying together. Under the morning light by the window, it makes a beautiful backdrop for an Instagram shot. Gift this for: 

The Google Search. They got the answers to all of your questions. You secretly look up to them and wish you had their brains, don't you?
The Resting Bitch Face. They don't 'bite'. It's just how their faces were built. But, Simone Biles said, smiling doesn't win you gold medals. 
The Mother Teresa. The ones that often 'belanja' you at the 'mamak', pay for your gas, & sponsor your trip to Hatyai. Super generous & kind, God bless their hearts.

Source: Instagram

The moonstone a.k.a sugar almond comes from Mexico. Some say, the Moon but I don't know. It's ideal for hot weather as long as there's good airflow & humidity.

-The Giant Baby. You constantly have to scream 'Grow Up!'. Making up silly memes, fake fights, & embarrassing names is their daily dose of entertainment. They live just to annoy you but that's just their idea of fun.
-The Universal Friend. They are friends with anyone & anything. From the little kitty on the street to the usual chicken rice aunty, they know every single person on a very personal level. 
-The All-Rounder. Money, looks, brains, career & love life: they have it all! The well-balanced type that everyone is jealous of. It feels like God put extra care while creating them. 

Some people care too much, I think it's called love -Winnie The Pooh.

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