4 Easy Hacks If You Want Sexy Lips Like Angelina Jolie



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4 Easy Hacks If You Want Sexy Lips Like Angelina Jolie

By m7py

The guys are crazy about it & the girls dream of having it! I'm talking about Jolie's kissable, fuller lips. Nope, no need to make appointment with Kylie Jenner's doctor yet. Just follow these 4 easy tutorials & you'll own the perfect pout! *chef kiss*

It's the easiest hack to throw into your makeup routine. But, use a nude lipliner 1-2 shades deeper than your lip tone. 

Source: Instagram

Here are the steps:
1-  Overline the shape of your lips with a lipliner. 
2- Join your cupid bows to make them look fuller.
3- Contour the middle of your upper lip and lower lip with the same lipliner. 
4- Apply a nude lipstick of your choice to the centre. Blend with clean fingers. 
5- Optional: Throw on a clear gloss with glitter.

Check out this tutorial on TikTok. 

Ashley Approved
Supermodel Ashley Graham swears by this everyday! Get an eyebrow pencil in ashy tones like taupe or light brown! Will define & plump up your lips in 5 secs only. Plus, it stays longer than your normal lipliner. 

Source: Instagram

1- Start with clean lips. Make a little line about 1/2 inch below your lower lip. 
2- Do the same on top of your upper lip.
3- Add highlighter on the centre of your lower lip. 
4- Smack your lips or blend with fingers. 

Learn from this Tiktok tutorial

For Lip Balm Lovers!
Redraw your own juicy lips with this hack! Make sure to exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub first.

Source: Instagram

1- Conceal both sides of your lips. Blend & set with powder.
2- Line your lips on the top & bottom sides with your lipliner. Leave the centre! 
3- Overline your cupid bows. 
4- Connect the bottom lines. 
5- Shade in the sides.  Apply your fave lip balm & done!
Watch it step-by-step here.

Contour With A Strategy
Contour basically lifts everything up! A creamy one makes it look even fuller. 

Source: Instagram

Follow these easy steps:
1- Apply & blend a light layer of foundation all over your lips. 
2- Outline your lips with a creme contour over the foundation. DON'T BLEND!
3- Apply another light layer of foundation.
4- Overline your lips with a lipliner.
5- Apply lipstick of a lighter color but close to your lipliner. 
6- Important: use a clear gloss to contour 3 parts: lowest part of your lower lip, center of your cupid bowlittle line in the center of your lower lip.
7- Tap with your fingers to blend. 

Here's the Tiktok tutorial for you.

Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick & pull yourself together. - Elizabeth Taylor

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