Baskin-Robbins Celebrate National Day With A Brand New Menu - Ice Apam !



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Baskin-Robbins Celebrate National Day With A Brand New Menu - Ice Apam !

By xweienx

When it comes to ice cream in Malaysia, you can never count out Baskin Robbins. With their variety of flavors and retail stores all over Malaysia, it is a top choice for a refreshing scoop on a hot day.  

Following their successful attempt to stir up our childhood memories last month by introducing the classic trio, Baskin Robbins is celebrating National Day with yet another Malaysian snack-inspired item - the "apam balik" or more precisely, the Ice Apam!  

The "apam balik" is no stranger to Malaysians who have been to roadside stalls, "pasar malams" (night markets), or our favorite annual food bonanza - Ramadhan bazaars. Baskin Robbin has added their own twist to it by adding, you guessed it, ice cream.  

The waffle biscuit is baked with coconut flakes to give a sweet fragrance. Pair that with chocolate dip and your favorite ice cream flavors and it's just heavenly! The Ice Apam is available from now until the 16th of September (Malaysia Day) in 3 variations:

Ice Apam Junior (3 scoops of ice cream) - RM 11.50

Ice Apam Regular (5 scoops of ice cream) - RM 15.50

Chocolate Dipped Ice Apam (5 scoops of ice cream) - RM 18.50

There's more good news, Baskin Robbin has also updated their opening hours so stores at these locations will now run from 10am to 10pm. So, wait no more, because we all know the hot weather these days are killing those of us working and studying from home.  

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