WhatsApp Multi-Device Is The Savior For Desktop & Laptop Users!



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WhatsApp Multi-Device Is The Savior For Desktop & Laptop Users!

By xweienx

Imagine this: you're working from home on your computer, so the easiest way to stay connected with your colleagues, friends, and family is by opening up WhatsApp on your computer, either using WhatsApp Web or the Desktop App. (Who still uses e-mail anyway?) Now, you go on to do your work on other windows and tabs and just leave WhatsApp hanging in the background.


All of a sudden you realize something's wrong. It's quiet...too quiet. You open up the WhatsApp windows and what do you find? "YOUR DEVICE IS NOT CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET". No! Now you'll have to reach for your phone (oh my, I have to move?!) and open up WhatsApp there just to connect your phone to the Internet and get WhatsApp Web/Desktop to work again.


If you've experienced something like this before, you're not alone, and WhatsApp hears our agony every time it happens. Which is why they are releasing their newest feature - multi-device! It allows you to link up to 4 devices to your WhatsApp account and they will work just fine without an Internet connection to your phone!!


Since it is still rolling out in beta, average users might not get it soon (but we sure can look forward to it). If you are less patient, you can download the beta version of WhatsApp Desktop here and hope that you're one of the beta users that get the feature. Plus, you'll have to follow this article to join the beta from your phone.


So, brothers and sister, just hang in there! Soon we will not have to go through that extra step of opening up our phones just to get the desktop app to work anymore (which totally defeats the purpose of the desktop app)!

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