Ladies, Download These Apps Now To Keep You Safe While You're On The Go



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Ladies, Download These Apps Now To Keep You Safe While You're On The Go

By m7py

With the rise of abduction and human-trafficking cases, we can never be too sure of our safety, especially while travelling alone. So, here are a few apps to keep you safe and sound:

1. Hidden Camera Detector

This app analyses magnetic activity around the device. If magnetic activity is parallel to that of a camera, an alarm goes off. You'll have to check if there is any hidden camera.  

2. Shake2Safety

Send an emergency text message to your contacts with a google maps link to your location instantly. Just shake the phone or press the power button 4 times. 

3. AllsWell Alert

Get GPS alerts with a panic button and inactivity monitoring with this app. It works, even when you're not able to use your phone. 

4.  Sitata

Get location-based travel alerts in case of disease outbreaks, natural disasters, protests, and terrorist activities. You will also have access to local emergency numbers and hospital locations.

Use these apps and have a safe vacation ahead! 

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