LOL: M'sians Made Memes Of Our Ministers of Youth And Sports, Have A Look!



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LOL: M'sians Made Memes Of Our Ministers of Youth And Sports, Have A Look!


In this day and age, memes are a vital part of modern communication where they, in their own brilliant ways; comically substitute what most words cannot convey. Memes can be derived from many things and forms and often they're downright hilarious.

Even elected officials can wind up being meme-ified, and the Minister and Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Hannah Yeoh and Adam Adli have both recently fallen prey to this fad.

Taking from the photo taken when the two elected officials paid a visit to the National Stadium of Bukit Jalil, creative Malaysians worked their brain juice off and created a series of hilarious memes that tickled even both the ministers. Check them out below to have a laugh:

Fortunately for these meme producers, both of the ministers had a sense of humour and were able to make fun of themselves while acknowledging how inventive Malaysians can be.

What's your favourite local memes? Share with us!

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Matcha-fueled Aries reporting for duty.



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