SHOCKING: Local Couple In PJ Charged For Harming Baby By Mixing Milk With Methamphetamine



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SHOCKING: Local Couple In PJ Charged For Harming Baby By Mixing Milk With Methamphetamine

By JustineG

A husband and wife were brought before the Sessions Court today on charges of assaulting their one-year-old son by giving him milk mixed with the dangerous drug Methamphetamine on February 19th. The accused, Nabila Huda Fadli, 34, pleaded guilty as the charges were read in front of Judge Dr Syahliza Warnoh, while her husband, Sofian Mustapa Zain, 40, pleaded not guilty. According to the joint charges, they were found to have assaulted their one-year-four-month-old son by feeding him milk mixed with water containing the dangerous drug Methamphetamine, causing the victim to suffer from 'alleged sympathomimetic drug ingestion'.

The offence took place on February 19th around 6 p.m. at Block F, Medan Jaya Apartment, Taman Medan, Petaling Jaya. The prosecution under Section 31 (1)(a) of the Child Act 2001 together with Section 34 of the Penal Code provides for a fine not exceeding RM50,000 or imprisonment not exceeding 20 years or both.

Earlier, the prosecution offered bail of RM15,000 for each accused, with additional conditions requiring them to report to the nearby police station once a month and not to interfere with witnesses. In her plea, Nabila Huda requested the court to reduce the bail amount on the grounds of being unemployed besides having to care for her mother and three children. Sofian, on the other hand, informed the court that he is unemployed and has to support other family members. The court then allowed the husband and wife to be released on bail of RM5,000 each with the additional conditions set by the prosecution.

Judge Dr Syahliza also set March 13th for further facts and sentencing for Nabila Huda, while appointing a lawyer and case management for Sofian. The husband and wife were previously arrested after mistakenly mixing their baby's milk with water-containing drugs in a flat in Taman Medan on February 19th. 

The one-year-four-month-old boy was reportedly sent to his 55-year-old grandmother's house in Seri Kembangan on the day of the incident. While under her care, the victim did not stop crying, was overly active, and was difficult to control before the grandmother inquired about the matter to the child's mother. The child's mother then admitted to mistakenly mixing the baby's milk with her husband's Methamphetamine-laced water.

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