"Teacher Didn't Call Ambulance & Stopped Us From Doing So!" Teacher Forces Heart-Condition Student To PE, Resulting In Death



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"Teacher Didn't Call Ambulance & Stopped Us From Doing So!" Teacher Forces Heart-Condition Student To PE, Resulting In Death


Several Chinese netizens broke the news on April 15th, alleging that a first-year female student, identified as Xiao Zhao, died of a heart condition during a physical education session at Baicheng Medical College. According to reports, the class teacher, Song, caused dissatisfaction with Xiao Zhao after receiving a dead fish from her and intentionally made her participate in physical activities despite being aware of her medical condition. Additionally, some students pointed out that school authorities failed to provide timely and effective assistance after the incident, resulting in Xiao Zhao missing the optimal treatment window.

Xiao Zhao's Medical History

A report stated that Xiao Zhao's aunt, Ms. Wang, informed interviewers on the 15th that in 2023, Xiao Zhao enrolled in Baicheng Medical College in Jilin Province, majoring in medical laboratory technology, and was appointed as a class monitor.

Ms. Wang revealed that Xiao Zhao suffered from congenital heart disease. She had provided the school with relevant medical certificates during her freshman year of military training and was excused from participating in school-organized physical activities.


A Dissatisfied "Gift"

Conversations among Xiao Zhao's classmates and friends indicated that the class teacher, Mr. Song, had previously hinted at receiving "gifts" from students.

During this year's Qingming Festival, Xiao Zhao spent over 100 yuan (RMB) to purchase live fish for her teacher, Mr. Song, as hinted by the teacher himself. However, due to transportation issues, the fish arrived dead, which angered Mr. Song, resulting in Xiao Zhao's dismissal from her position as class monitor.

"The teacher was very angry and constantly made things difficult for this child, saying that the child's medical certificate (for heart disease) was also fake and that she must participate in morning exercises every day," said Ms Wang.


"Do Not Call Ambulance Or Perform ER For Her!"

On the morning of April 12th, at around 6 a.m., Xiao Zhao suffered a heart attack while gathering for morning exercises with her classmates on the school field.

According to a post shared on social media, the teacher did not perform any emergency care action or call an ambulance for Xiao Zhao. Instead, he made a phone call to the college clerk.


A classmate mentioned that they took an emergency rescue course at the college. Still, the class teacher prevented other students from approaching, and therefore, they failed to provide timely assistance, leaving Xiao Zhao unconscious for more than 20 minutes without any action, causing her to miss the best opportunity for assistance.

One of the students then made the call for an ambulance, and Xiao Zhao was subsequently rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Despite rescue efforts, Xiao Zhao passed away two days later. The family believes that the reason for her illness was related to Mr Song's targeting of Xiao Zhao after she sent the fish, as well as the school's failure to provide timely assistance.


Desperate Family

Ms Wang said that after Xiao Zhao's death, the family's emotions were on the verge of collapse. The family members came to the school to get answers, but they were stopped at the school gate. Xiao Zhao's granny, who was said to be over 80 years old, was seen crying and holding Xiao Zhao's photo at the school gate too. The police then came and even forcefully took away the photo and chased them away.

The school then claimed that the cause of Xiao Zhao's death was due to her habit of staying up late and proposed to compensate the family with 100,000 yuan.

"Even if our lives are not worth much, they are worth more than 100,000 yuan." Ms. Wang said that this incident was caused by the class teacher, Mr. Song, and his obstruction of student assistance. The family hopes to hold the teacher accountable.

The School's Response

On the 15th, a staff member of the college responded, confirming Xiao Zhao's death from a sudden heart attack, but denying the cause as described in online rumours.

"We are actively cooperating with the municipal government (relevant departments) in the investigation. The public security organization has intervened as well, and we will respond after the public security organization clarifies the situation."

In addition, a staff member of the Baicheng Public Security Bureau's Baiping Police Station told reporters that the police have intervened, but specific information cannot be disclosed at this time.

The mobile phone number of the teacher was said to be offline since the incident. 


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