What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You? | 9 Sleeping Positions



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What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You? | 9 Sleeping Positions

By ellephant

We're pretty predictable individuals. 

From horoscopes to color, movies down to sleeping positions, every aspect can tell a story about the kind of person you may be. 

After doing some extensive research over the worldwide web, we came across the 9 sleeping positions that tell you about you. 

How do you sleep, and what does that say about your personality?

Check our list out down below and see if the shoe fits!

1. Back (Soldier)


- Reserved, quiet

- Doesn't like fuss

- Holds high standards

2. Back (Starfish)


- Selfless

- Supportive

- Empathetic

- Good listeners

- Go with the flow

- Values friendships

- Open, agreeable leaders

- Doesn't like to be the center of attention

3. Back (Stargazer)


- Loyal

- Carefree

- Happy go lucky

- Highly optimistic

4. Side (Arms Stretched)


- Rational 

- Not as open-minded

- Slow to make up minds

- Not quick to acceptance or change

- Stick to their own decisions/thoughts

- Open-minded but also highly suspicious

- Yearns for love and affection, fearful they don't get it

5. Side (Pillow Hugged)


- Nurturing and caring

- Desire for a deep bond with loved ones

- Gives importance to relationships as compared to other things

6. Side (Log Position)


- Gullible

- Easy going

- Overtrusting

- Social butterflies

- Gets along with anyone

- Opened to experiences of life

7. Side (Knees Curled Up)


- Natural thinkers

- In tune with emotions

- Acts based on emotions

- Makes a good partner or friend

- Rough cold exterior with an emotional inside

8. Fetal


- Shy

- Sensitive

- Innocent

- Forgiving

- Emotional

- Anxious

- Uptight

- Seeks protection

- Difficulty trusting people

- Most comfortable with family

- Someone with a clear conscience

- Rough exterior, emotional interior

- Closed off to enjoying life on the go

- Enjoy doing things with a small circle

- Disconnected from worldly problems

- Craves to be understood and cared for

- Guarded person, does not open up easily

- Shy around new people, but sociable with the right company

- Fond of painting, drawing, writing, dancing (ways of self-expression)

9. On Your Stomach (Freefall/Skydiver)


- Playful

- Rude/nosy

- Free spirited

- Sensitive within

- Social butterflies

- Can be brash when tested

- Always up for an adventure

- Entertains feelings of neuroticism

So, which one are you?

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