Did You Know That Different Colored Butterflies Symbolises Different Things? Read This!



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Did You Know That Different Colored Butterflies Symbolises Different Things? Read This!

By ellephant

#facts aside, there's just something quite invigorating when parts of life shows us some sort of meaning in the mundane. 

For instance, did you know that different colored butterflies signify different things?

Based on their respective colors, we have gathered the meaning to each down below. 

Check them out. 

1. Orange butterfly - an opportunity or a change is coming

2. White butterfly - the presence of a deceased love one is here protecting/guiding you

3. Black butterfly - there is magic at work, and hope is present


4. Yellow butterfly - a sudden life change

5. Purple butterfly - a very powerful, rich or enlightened person to come your way

6. Brown butterfly - important and good news


7. Red butterfly - something big is coming, energy is needed

8. Green butterfly - good luck, growth and abundance

9. Blue butterfly - make a wish 


What interesting symbolism! Now you know what to do, or what they mean, should you ever come across a butterfly in your midst. 

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