Are you still visiting these touristy spots in Seoul? Well, Koreans stop coming here.



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Are you still visiting these touristy spots in Seoul? Well, Koreans stop coming here.

By gomitty

Planning a visit to Korea in near future? Are you pondering on places to go during your upcoming Seoul trip? If so, why not read up this post before departing. I believed that, many will include Myeong Dong, N Seoul Tower and Nami Island as part of your itinerary, however, do you know that, the Koreans actually stop visiting these places which are over flooded by tourists? Scroll down to read up further.

Myeong Dong, the shopping heaven  

Currently, the main shoppers in Myeong Dong are no longer Koreans. Instead, it is bustling with tourists, especially the Chinese, therefore we noticed that most of the sellers in Myeong Dong were conversing in Mandarin.  Apart from that, due to its popularity among the tourists, the prices for F&B hiked up in this area. 

So where the locals go? They prefer to shop at GoTo Mall, an underground street market near Express Bus Terminal Station which offers cheaper and more varieties of goods to purchase.  

N Seoul Tower, the love stories behind the locks  

N Seoul Tower or more commonly known as Namsan Tower was once famous with the love locks on a wall next to it. In the past, the locks symbolize eternity love between those who hang them; but now? The Koreans believed that couples that hang locks on the Namsan Tower will break up eventually. A cursed lock or love lock? 

If you are looking for a place to enjoy the panoramic view of Seoul city, I would love to recommend you to visit Lotte World Tower which currently is the tallest building in Korea.  

Nami Island, the love of Winter Sonata drama
I know you are in shock when you see Nami Island is one the list, so do I. Nami Island was flooded with one-day-tour groups from all over the world after the success of KDrama "Winter Sonata". However I think many travellers will still visiting Nami Island due to its picturesque view especially during Autumn and Winter.  

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