5 Brands That Have Put On Chinese New Year Clothes!



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5 Brands That Have Put On Chinese New Year Clothes!

By xweienx

"New Year, New Me"! During the Chinese New Year, one of the must do things is to get new clothes and put them on for the celebration. Most houses would also be decorated with Chinese New Year related decorations and a flurry of red and gold objects. Also, you'll see living rooms full of snacks and drinks, waiting to welcome any visitors to the house.


Sadly, this year, many of put off buying Chinese New Year snacks and decorating their houses as the Movement Control Order stops us from visiting each others' houses. However, we shouldn't let it discourage us and instead should keep the festive spirit alive in our own homes by blasting Chinese New Year music, putting on a set of new clothes, and filling our houses with Chinese New Year decorations and snacks! Here are 5 different brands and products that are definitely ready for the Chinese New Year!

1. Coca-Cola

Apart from packet drinks, soft drinks are also another staple preparation for servings guests. Coca-Cola's original red cans were already festive enough, but they have introduced 6 brand new Cheongsam series can designs, making the drink look much livelier.


2. 100 Plus

Known as our "Nation's Soft Drink", 100 Plus is a popular isotonic soft drink throughout the year, with their iconic blue, red, green stripes on a white can. However, every Chinese New Year, we'll see a gold revamp of our favorite soft drink, making it a must-buy every year! This year's design even includes many Chinese New Year related icons such as mandarin oranges, lion dance, lanterns, and plum blossoms. They also creatively used the "100" to let you bring "旺" "福" "财" "發" (meaning wealth, blessings, and prosperity) home!


3. Jacobs

Jacobs also introduced two designs on their iconic biscuit can based on two Chinese cultural activities - the 24 festive drums and the lion dance. In case you didn't know, the 24 festive drums performance was created by a poet and a musician, both of whom are Malaysian!


4. Oreo Red Velvet

Of course, famous cookies brand Oreo wouldn't give up the opportunity to redesign the packaging for their red colored red velvet cookies. A "Festive Limited Edition" packaging bears some fireworks over our favorite cream-filled snack. Just remember to share!


5. Kit Kat

Kit Kat has a limited edition Kit Kat Party Box and Kit Kat Gold snacks for this festive season. Of course, being able to bring "gold" home is something everyone wants during the Chinese New Year, so Kit Kat has hit the mark there.


During this particularly different Chinese New Year, many brands continue to push our Chinese New Year packaging to help us celebrate. Even if you don't foresee guests coming over, you can still purchase these food and drinks for yourself. They also act as a good decoration!

We wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year, and may you be blessed with good health, happiness, and an abundance of wealth!

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