Coolest Brekkie: Nature‘s Cereal (Malaysian Twist) Recipe Sharing



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Coolest Brekkie: Nature‘s Cereal (Malaysian Twist) Recipe Sharing

By MJC97

TikTok does it again! Besides the debate about pouring cereal or milk first (it's cereal first), cereal isn‘t really a hot topic these days. However, when a TikTok user @natures_food made something called Nature's Cereal, it grabbed everyone's attention, including Lizzo.  
That‘s right! Lizzo tried it and loved it. Nature's Cereal is Lizzo Approved!

So what is this new craze? Well, the man behind the TikTok page is a content creator on the platform who normally creates desserts  made from ingredients that come straight from nature itself. He uses plants and fruits around him to create organic, healthy, fresh and delicious desserts that will make your mouth water. 

He created the Nature's Cereal video, which now has more than 5.9 million views, by throwing some fresh pomegranate, blueberries, blackberries into a wooden bowl and then adding in some fresh coconut water straight out of a coconut. That is all you need to do. It is now ready to be eaten! He says that he normally has this first thing in the morning and it aids digestion, makes him less constipated and boosts his energy levels. 

After watching the video, Lizzo decided to give it a try. She added some strawberries and ice cubes in it as well. After taking her first bite, her eyes opened wide in surpise at how good it was. 

Well, if it is Lizzo approved then we all have to try it! But buying strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and pomegranate in Malaysia costs a fortune. Having this for breakfast would mean no lunch and dinner for us!  

Don‘t worry! We are here to save the day. Here are three variations of the Nature's Cereal using fruits you can get at the nearby grocery store at a resonable price.

1. The Red Apple, Pineapple, Orange and Honeydew Combo

Two important factors when making the cereal is the crunch and the balance. In this deliciously tangy combination, we have the red apple and the honeydew to add sweetness to the cereal while the pineapple and orange bring the tang. Make sure you get the crunchy and sweet red apples so that the crunch factor is covered. Don't forget to take a quick pic for the gram because the colour combinations are going to be a hit!  

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2. The Pomelo, Coconut, Guava, Papaya and Jackfruit Combo

This combo brings together the crunchy guava, the sweet coconut and papaya, the citrusy pomelo and the chewy jackfruit to make super yummy breakfast cereal. Not only does the papaya aid with digestion but when combined with jackfruit the superfood, it will definitely fill your tummy and get you up and ready for the day!  

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3. The Mango, Coconut, Rambutan, Pear and Grape Combo

This combo is a seasonal fruit combo, which means you probably will not be able to make this every morning. The rambutan and mango are seasonal and are mostly available between June to August. Don't forget to take out the seed from the rambutan before adding it in! The softness of the mango in this combo is balanced out with the crunchiness of the pear, grapes and rambutan to give you a delicious and healthy breakfast!  
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After slicing all the fruits into cube sized pieces, just add them to a bowl and pour in some fresh coconut water that can be bought at any roadside stall in Malaysia. If you like it icy cold, you can add in some ice cubes and if you like chewing ice then add in some crushed ice for extra crunch. 

The Nature's Cereal is perfect for Malaysians as we are blessed with many delicious local fruits that are healthy and not to mention, reasonable priced. It is can also be eaten as a dessert on a hot day. Now, go forth and forage the nearest grocery store to try the Malaysian Twist to the famous Nature's Cereal. 

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