【Lifestyle】M’sian Girl Transforms Her Old & Dingy Bedroom into a Nordic-Themed Multi-Functional Space with Only RM4k



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M’sian Girl Transforms Her Old & Dingy Bedroom into a Nordic-Themed Multi-Functional Space with Only RM4k

MJC97   |   Sep 23, 2021, 15:49   |   669

With all the working and studying from home that we’ve been up to, it’s no wonder why Malaysians have decided to upgrade their living spaces to make it more aesthetic but still functional. 

Ever since the first MCO, we have seen how many Malaysians have started dipping their feet in the pool of interior design. No, they did not pay thousands for the Property Brother to give their home a makeover, instead, they did it themselves! #SelfSufficient 

One recent example is this young Malaysian girl who goes by the username GooDay Good Day on YouTube uploaded a video of her bedroom transformation from old to modern Scandinavian-themed multi-functional space. 


She did it all on her own, with the help of maybe a few family members or friends, and she only spend RM4k.

In her YouTube video, she gave us a rundown of how she started and how she did everything, here’s a summary of what she shared:

#1 Identify the problem

Before the renovation, she explained that she manages to identify 5 major problems with her room, her room had queer corners, pinky bling bling walls, furniture of various styles, there were wires messily strewn everywhere and everything in her room was unorganized. 


She explained that due to these problems, her mood was affected, and she could not work or study efficiently in that space. 

#2 Design Planning

After identifying the problems, she moved to the next step, planning. She divided her 10 m² room into 3 areas, a work area, entertainment area and a rest area, thus, making it a multi-functional space. 


#3 Pre-Reno

During the Pre-Reno stage, she removed all the furniture and accessories from the room, polished and painted windowsills and also fill in the holes in the walls. 

#4 Base Layer Renovation

After all the pre-reno prep, she started with the base layer renovation. She painted the walls light grey and added some wood wallpaper. Then, she got rid of the old tile by simple pasting some SPC click flooring which is also suitable for people staying in rental rooms or home as it doesn’t damage any of the original flooring. 


#5 Full Renovation Stage

Then came the hard part, the full renovation. To solve her problems, she started by creating a functional wall with tons of storage space. She assembled all the cabinets on her own! 


She even created her own L-shape table by combining some folding tables and one normal desk. 


All the furniture, storage boxes, décor items and even colours were carefully picked to suit the Nordic theme she was going for. 


#6 Post Renovation

Now, she gets to relax, work and sleep in a newly redecorated and renovated space that is functional and also aesthetic. 


As for the entertainment part, she added a mini projector above her bed so she can lie in bed and enjoy the latest K-Drama. 


If you are interested to see the full transformation, you can watch the video here:

She even listed down all the items she bought on Taobao in case anyone is interested to DIY their own room or home renovation at an affordable price. 

Have fun renovating! 


Bedroom bedroom transformation Nordic-Theme Multi-Functional Space RM4k

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