Black, Foul-Smelling Liquid Found In Lungs of COVID-19 Positive Child in Malaysia



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Black, Foul-Smelling Liquid Found In Lungs of COVID-19 Positive Child in Malaysia

By MJC97

As of recently. there's been a rapid rise in the number of COVID-19 cases daily until the government decided to no longer publish the daily positive cases numbers to avoid mass panic among Malaysians.  

The most heartbreaking part about all this is that the rise of cases has also caused a higher total of children who are COVID-19 positive in critical conditions.  

A local medical officer Muhamad Na'im Ab Razak, recently went to Facebook to share one of the rarest COVID-19 positive cases that happened to a child. 

According to him, he started noticing that children have chronic diseases or lack of balanced nutrition are the ones who normally end up in critical conditions after testing positive for COVID-19.

This case in particular happened to a patient of his and his outpatient team who was very thin and he suspected lacked proper nutrition that was brought into the hospital with breathing difficulties and barely conscious.  
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"Further examination found that the child's left lung was filled with liquid. I inserted a tube into the child's chest to remove the fluid. More than a liter of black and foul-smelling liquid came out." he said in his Facebook post.  

He said this was his first time experiencing such a situation and he has it is a very rare case, making it difficult to tell id the child's had another disease before this that caused it or if it is a complication that happened due to COVID-19. 

As of now, his Facebook post had garnered over 1.7k reactions, 121 comment and 418 shares. 

Whether the black fluid came from COVID-19 or not, he said that is is hard to confirm, but one thing for sure, we definitely should get vaccinated to avoid such situations from happening. 

Foul-Smelling Black Liquid Found In Lungs lungs COVID-19 Positive COVID-19 malaysia


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