Casual Contact Will No Longer Change Your Risk Status To Yellow On MySejahtera App



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Casual Contact Will No Longer Change Your Risk Status To Yellow On MySejahtera App

By MJC97

No more yellow status changes for MySejahtera app users who are casual contacts.  

Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said individuals who became casual contacts would receive a notification from MySejahtera, informing about them about it. 

Previously when MySJ (MySejahtera) Trace/Check-in detected you as a casual contact with a positive COVID-19 case, the status on the app would change to a casual contact and it would turn yellow. 

Khairy also asked individuals who are listed as casual contacts and symptomatic to practice TRIIS or test, report, isolate, inform and seek.  

Khairy also shared how to do TRIIS, which is to immediately do a COVID-19 screening test on your own, if you experience symptoms of infection such as flu, fever and cough.

After performing a self-test, the individual needs to report the results of the screening as soon as possible on the MySejahtera application.  

If found positive for COVID-19, the patient must perform quarantine or self-isolation immediately and comply with the mandatory quarantine order at home.

Individuals who are found to be positive should also immediately inform their close contacts about the matter and inform the authorities or the COVID-19 Assessment Center (CAC) about the personal health situation, if it deteriorates while undergoing quarantine at home.

They should also seek immediate treatment at a nearby medical center or CAC if they experience severe symptoms such as difficulty breathing and excessive body temperature.

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