Singapore-Based Apparel Brand Slammed For Promoting Insensitive Quranic-Printed Swimsuit and Sleepwear Line



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Singapore-Based Apparel Brand Slammed For Promoting Insensitive Quranic-Printed Swimsuit and Sleepwear Line

3 Days ago
By DN21

A Singapore-based brand recently received critical backlash on TikTok after shocking photos of its Quranic-printed nightwear and one-piece swimsuits had surfaced online. 

The apparel brand, Playmate, was slammed by user @__abu.toz__ following the insensitive revelation. He posted several screenshots of the apparel, including one that was listed as the "Islamic Cami Pajama Set".

The heavily upset TikToker was quoted, "This is so disrespectful towards me and the billions of Muslims around the world." 

And while the commentators shared similar frustration towards Playmate, the TikToker's following remarks about the country didn't sit well: 

"Singapore, I lost all respect for your country. I could stand here and say racist sh*t about your country and your people, but I won't. That's what makes us different." 

He then proclaimed to: "hold Singapore accountable for posting stuff like this on the internet".  
Playmate has since issued an apology and even removed all of the Quranic-related apparel. In an email reply to an anonymous complaint, Playmate had this to say:

"On behalf of our company, we want to sincerely apologize for this matter. We have removed all products regarding Muslims from our store. We understand that our team made the mistake of accidentally selling these products in the sleepwear category.

We always respect all religions in general and Islam in particular. Going forward, we are going to take steps to ensure that this situation does not happen again.

Please let me know if you have any other concerns or questions. Again, we are so sorry for this inconvenience.Thank you!"

As for the TikToker, he has also posted an apology video to Singaporeans regarding his harsh remarks and for dragging the whole country.

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