2 Burgers For RM23?! Malaysian Woman Shocked By High Prices Of Burger Tepi Jalan!



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2 Burgers For RM23?! Malaysian Woman Shocked By High Prices Of Burger Tepi Jalan!

By MJC97

If there's one thing we Malaysian love, it's Ramly burgers for supper. There's nothing better than going out late at night with your friends, ordering a nice Burger Ayam Special Tambah Cheese at the nearby burger store and having some late-night conversations while waiting for your burger to be done. 

Then later you get to take your first bite of that perfectly cooked burger, overloaded with just the right amount of sauce and cheese that will help you sleep better at night. Delicious, cheap and it is a whole experience! 

Well, recently, when this Malaysian woman went out for a late-night burger run, she sure got an experience but it wasn't a pleasant one. 

A Facebook user named Nana Ng shared how she decided to indulge in a Ramly burger but to her surprise 2 Ayam Special Burgers cost her RM23.


If she had to go to social media to share her story then she must certainly be pretty shocked at how much the burger was. She even said that she had to reconfirm the price 3 times to make sure that it wasn't wrong but the vendor insisted that it was the right price.

It is understood that she bought two special chicken burgers ​​Kepong, Kuala Lumpur area. 

This is certainly a huge shock to Malaysians who normally opt for street burgers as they are cheaper than burgers from fast-food restaurants. However, this burger was RM11.50 which is definitely more expensive than an ala carte burger from a fast-food restaurant. 

Well, netizens certainly had a lot to say about this, here are some of their comments: 

Many of them definitely had a lot to say about the price:

Some even ask her to go to local authorities to find out if those kinds of prices are allowed!

Others shared that apparently, the Otai brand burger is normally priced higher than normal burgers. 

What do you think? Would you buy street burgers that cost just as much as burgers from fast-food restaurants? Share your thoughts in the comments section, we'd love to hear them!

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