The Next James Bond Is Aaron Taylor-Johnson?!



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The Next James Bond Is Aaron Taylor-Johnson?!

By storyteller24

Daniel Craig's 16-year tenure as 007 came to an epic, heartbreaking end in No Time To Die, his explosive finale as James Bond that parted ways with one of the series' most defining actors.

Even in the years before the movie's release, it was confirmed to be Craig's final movie – and as such, the speculation kicked into a high gear from the off, with people worldwide wondering: who will be the next James Bond?

While the bookies will have you believe the likes of Henry Cavill, Idris Elba, and Tom Hardy are in contention – they're not, for a myriad of reasons – and there's a more likely candidate: Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has met with the James Bond producers

According to a new Puck report from Matthew Belloni, Aaron Taylor-Johnson isn't just a name picked by fans for the next Bond – he's met with the producers.

"And, obviously, the granddaddy of casting coups: James Bond. The Aaron Taylor-Johnson rumours are true – he sat with producer Barbara Broccoli, and the meeting went well, per sources," he wrote.

However, there is a small problem. "While Taylor-Johnson fits the bill – great actor, British, fits the younger direction the Broccolis want to go, accomplished but not particularly famous – he's about to be a much bigger star," Belloni added.

"If Sony's Spider-Man spinoff Kraven the Hunter or Universal's Ryan Gosling two-hander The Fall Guy works, Taylor-Johnson might end up, ironically, too famous to take on Bond."

No official details regarding the casting of the next James Bond have been announced, but Broccoli said in September 2022 that it'd be a "couple of years off" before we know anything.

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