We Lose Our Minds When Men Do These 7 Things



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We Lose Our Minds When Men Do These 7 Things

By ellephant

Sexy traits, is something everyone notices. It can be small, it can be simple, but in that split second, an attractive aspect someone possesses or does, can automatically make us feel some type of way. 

Women are teases that's for sure, but men, believe it or not, also know very much know the things they can do or accentuate, as a means to get the attention of others. 

Don't believe us? We did some research, and here are 6 aspects or small gestures that men do or have, which people totally go bonkers for. 

#1 Jaw clenches

Those jaw clenches which brings out his jawline? YES.

#2 Veins
Some can be genuinely faint, but when you see it, you SEE it.

#3 Adam's apple
Whether it's swallowing, or merely just existing, we're here for it.

#4 That process of reversing a car

The infamous way men reverse their car. You know, the one hand on the steering wheel, the other behind the passengers head rest, while looking at the back? Yeah, that one. Watch here

#5 Lip & Tongue habit
From lip licking, slight teases against their teeth, to poking against their inner cheek.

#6 Expressions
Eyebrow raises, winking, mimic kisses, the list can go on and on and then some.

#7 Stretching 
It is so simple, and yet so sexy, don't you think?

And there you have it, the short list of 7 things men have/do just leave us speechless, and so thirsty. 

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