Fascinating Facts About DC's Newest Half-Hero, Half-Supervillain Black Adam That You Probably Didn't Know



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Fascinating Facts About DC's Newest Half-Hero, Half-Supervillain Black Adam That You Probably Didn't Know

By Ayunie

Black Adam, the newest DC installment is set to premier in Malaysia tomorrow on 20th October and if you've seen the trailer you know what the hype is about. If not, take a look below:

Our expectations are sky-high for Dwayne Johnson's performance as Black Adam in what may be the biggest endeavour of his career based on the film's trailer. If you're not a comic book enthusiast, Black Adam is probably a name you've never heard of. If you intend to see it soon, you should certainly get acquainted with a couple of the trivia we'll be listing below.

Let's check them out:

-- Technically, Black Adam is 77 years old --

What we meant by that is, the character Black Adam was first introduced in December 1945, specifically in The Marvel Family #1. The comic was penned by authors Bill Parker, C.C. Beck, and Jerry Ordway. 

-- Shazam and Black Adam Don't Get Along Very Much -- 


Billy Batson, also known as Captain Marvel/Shazam, is Black Adam's main adversary, as has already been established many times. Shazam, similar to the other DC superheroes, strives for justice and to protect the defenceless, but he doesn't subscribe to the idea that the ends always outweigh the methods. Black Adam, on the other hand, will go to whatever lengths necessary to dispense his brand of justice.

-- Black Adam Was The Son Of A Pharaoh, Which Makes Him Egyptian --

Since the time of Black Adam's first appearance in 1945, his origin has undergone numerous revisions. Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam in particular, will be consistent with how the character was rebuilt for The New 52.

Originally though, The character was Ramses II, the Pharaoh's son. The pharaoh Ramses II, also referred to as "Ramses The Great," is noted for building cities and monuments, participating in several festivals, establishing a new capital city, and conquest.

-- Naturally, he inherited the powers of Egyptian Deities -- 

The DC Comics Encyclopedia lists Shu (stamina), Heru (speed), Amon (strength), Zehuit (knowledge), Aton (power), and Mehen (courage) as the sources of Black Adam's abilities. 

The appropriate decisions and problems he must solve demonstrate the divine nature of his abilities. He is not wed to a set of ethical principles or a duty to uphold the law.

-- His Entire Family Was Murdered In Cold Blood -- 

Every notable comic character needs a villain origin story, right? The Four Horsemen of Apokolips slaughtered both his wife and son, Isis and Osiris. This, in turn, sparked Black Adam's destructive streak, which resulted in the destruction of Bialya and other significant damage. Following this, he committed himself to devising a strategy for their resurrection.


We gotta say, Black Adam is one of the most fascinating characters in the DC universe, yet! We're excited to see the live-action adaptation as well as Dwayne Johnson's performance in upholding Black Adam's legacy. You might want to book your tickets now, as it premieres tomorrow! 

Did we miss out on other interesting facts regarding Black Adam? Do tell us in the comments! 

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