Ms Puiyi's Erotic Scenes In Pulau Film Had To Be Cut, Here's Why:



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Ms Puiyi's Erotic Scenes In Pulau Film Had To Be Cut, Here's Why:


Why does a horror movie get this much controversy, you ask?

Well, it's mostly tied to the raunchy scenes in the Pulau film and putting someone with an influence in the adult industry such as the glorious Ms Puiyi is bound to have people talking.

Following some really heated backlash, Ms Puiyi's scenes in the Pulau film have reportedly been snipped off to maintain the PG-13 ratings, and the film had to go through 10 filtering processes before it was finally approved. Despite that, the film is still currently ban in Terengganu.

Ms Puiyi, however, doesn't hold any hard feelings and is still proud of her works in the film.

Will we be seeing more of Ms Puiyi soon in our local films?

Let us know your thoughts.

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