Forbes Has Crowned The Top 5 Banks In Malaysia & Here They Are



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Forbes Has Crowned The Top 5 Banks In Malaysia & Here They Are

By ellephant

As of recent, Forbes partnered with Statista to uncover some of the best banks in the world, based on customer feedback. 

The survey was done among more than 48,000 customers in 14 languages and 32 countries, for their opinions on their current as well as former banking relationships.

Banks were rated on customers general satisfaction (30% of the final score) and whether they would recommend said bank (30%).  

The final 40% came from customer ratings in five key areas: trust, terms and conditions, digital services, customer services and financial advice.

The total number of banks varied by the size of countries, survey audiences, and how many banks were named. 

In order to qualify, each bank had to be rated by at least 250 customers. The completed survey resulted in the following list:

#5 Citibank (United States)  

#4 OCBC Bank (Singapore)  

#3 Standard Chartered (United Kingdom)  

#2 UOB (Singapore)  

#1 Maybank (Malaysia)  

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