WATCH: "Thought I Was Going To Die!" Terrifying Moments In KLIA Sepang When An Airplane's Wing Allegedly Exploded Seconds Before Take Off



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WATCH: "Thought I Was Going To Die!" Terrifying Moments In KLIA Sepang When An Airplane's Wing Allegedly Exploded Seconds Before Take Off

By Ayunie

In a harrowing incident at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, panic ensued among passengers as an aircraft, preparing for takeoff, experienced a sudden engine explosion. Fortunately, a quick response led to the immediate halting of the plane, and specialized vehicles rushed to extinguish the ensuing fire, ensuring the safety of all on board.

The occurrence took place yesterday at the airport's first terminal in Sepang, Selangor.

Source: China Press
Source: China Press

A Chinese female passenger detailed the terrifying experience on her Little Red Book account. She narrated how, as the plane was about to take off for Sibu, Sarawak, the engine unexpectedly exploded, triggering panic among passengers.

The passenger recalled the eerie moment when a fellow traveler began reciting "Amitabha Buddha," bringing a sense of fear reminiscent of the tragic "SIA Flight 163" air disaster.

"I rushed forward, and then I saw smoke coming from the plane's engine. The captain calmly announced over the intercom, asking everyone to stay calm. Police cars, fire trucks, and water trucks quickly arrived at the scene," she recounted.

Watch the harrowing video below, or click here to watch it on YouTube:

In a subsequent post, she revealed that after spending half an hour on the plane, the airline promptly arranged a replacement flight, emphasizing that the new plane was an improvement. The incident disrupted her meal plans, shifting from lunch to dinner. Despite the ordeal, she expressed gratitude for safely returning home for the Chinese New Year.

The incident sparked discussions among netizens, with speculations, including the possibility of a bird entering the engine. Many passengers expressed relief that the plane hadn't taken off, acknowledging the potential unimaginable consequences.

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Source: China Press

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