#dudukrumah Outfits | How to Stay Comfy and Stylish at Home



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#dudukrumah Outfits | How to Stay Comfy and Stylish at Home

By Peiting

Tired of wearing your PJs every day? Why don't you try spicing up your stay-at-home routine by changing your outfits? Here are some outfits to wear at home to switch things up and still being comfortable at the same time.

1. T-shirt + Jeans

This is a timeless combo and yet still very stylish. Try wearing a looser fit t-shirt and jeans for comfort but it can still make you feel dressed up and less like a couch potato.

2. Button-up Shirt + Dress Pants

If you want to go for a more business casual look, try wearing button-ups with loose-fitting dress pants. This can definitely make you feel like you're in your working outfit and get you into work mode.

3. Blouse + Maxi skirt

Blouses and maxi skirts can definitely add a feminine touch to your outfit while giving your legs some breeze to avoid those sweaty thighs.

4. One-piece dress

Throw on your favorite dress for that effortless fashionable look. Dresses allow more flexibility for the legs when sitting in different positions while working from home.

5. Oversized T-shirt or Hoodie

PJs but make it fashion, instead of that faded shirt you usually sleep in, try wearing your new oversized t-shirts or hoodies as a dress and accessorize with scrunchies and hairpins for that Ariana Grande look.

Staying at home can make you lose track of time with the repeating schedule in a constant environment, maybe dressing up at home can help you get out from that rut and boost your productivity。

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