Local 'Rent-Free' Tenant Planning To Sell Owner's Home Faces Backlash



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Local 'Rent-Free' Tenant Planning To Sell Owner's Home Faces Backlash

By sleepingbeauty

Several screenshots depict an anonymous individual's post within a Facebook group that went viral recently after they expressed an intention to sell the house they have been renting. 


In their post, the individual, a long-term occupant of the Rawang-based residence, mentioned that the absentee landlord has not made an appearance or paid rent for an extended period. 


Seeking guidance from group members, they inquired about the process for selling the property and whether the tenant might receive a share of the proceeds due to their extended occupancy. 

The individual elaborated on their situation, highlighting that they had resided there for a considerable time, spanning from childless years to their children's marriages. 


The last rent payment was made in 2021 since the landlord had not shown up. Consequently, the individual contemplated whether they could either sell or sublet the property due to the owner's absence.


The post has garnered public attention, prompting a collective sense of outrage among average netizens towards the individual's attempt to sell a property not owned by them. Beyond this, netizens have raised questions about the individual's actions and have advised them to seek out the owner's family members. 

Failing to find a solution within the group and encountering significant criticism, the individual later expressed regret in the comment section, lamenting the lack of assistance from netizens.

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