“Shouldn’t Have Hired Me At All!” Woman Fired After Less Than A Day Of Working As Marketing Executive, Citing Blatant Mistreatment



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“Shouldn’t Have Hired Me At All!” Woman Fired After Less Than A Day Of Working As Marketing Executive, Citing Blatant Mistreatment

By Ayunie

In a viral TikTok video, a woman, identified as @narieana_, shared her unfortunate experience of being fired on her very first day of working as a marketing executive for a local jewelry store. 

After a seemingly smooth interview, she received a job offer complete with an agreed-upon salary. Everything appeared promising until her very first day on the job.

To her shock, halfway through her first day at work, her employer informed her that she would be placed on a one-week probationary period for performance evaluation. This probationary period had not been mentioned during the initial job offer,  Narieana mentioned.

Later that evening, she received the devastating news that her performance did not meet the company's expectations. In her TikTok video, she expressed her frustration and disappointment, stating, "If you didn't plan on hiring me, you shouldn't have offered me the job and should have rejected me during my interview."

She went on to explain the financial hardship this abrupt firing had caused, as she had already paid for her child's nursery fees in anticipation of her new job. She urged employers not to hire and fire employees thoughtlessly, emphasizing the importance of respecting an individual's value and well-being.

Watch her videos below, or click here to watch on TikTok: 

@narieana_ Kronologi : Kedai Emas ni bukak jawatan kosong, saya apply. Mereka call for interview, saya datang. Mereka call saya diterima kerja dengan salary yang dipersetujui, maka harini hari pertama saya kerja. . By right, they was so good greeting me. At the first place i thought this was a very good working place, and bear in mind, saya datang kerja sini untuk BANTU TINGKATKAN SALES mereka since i was appointed as Marketing Exec. of course la kita plan ahead untuk grow the company. . Tapi, kita merancang Allah juga merancang, tak sampai setengah hari mereka jumpa saya dan cakap nak bg saya percubaan seminggu. . Jam 4 petang, mereka jumpa saya lagi sekali dan bgtau saya yang saya tidak mencapai expectation mereka while theres no jobscope been given. Im mad, sad and shocked. Just a day to judge and reject people. Just as simple as that. . Kalau taknak ambik bekerja, jangan bukak tawaran kerja and if saya tidak layak sekalipun reject saja semasa saya interview. Sekarang saya sudah bayar taska anak and i lost my job. Ya Allah.. pedihhhh... . Tolonglah jangan simply hire org, and reject mcm tu.. jangan buat org macam takde value.. . Tolong doakan saya kuat, diberi rezeki lain lagi baik. . #fypシ #fypシ゚viral original sound - MVM Music

Narieana's TikTok post quickly gained traction, amassing over 3 million views. Some TikTok users suggested that people should be careful when taking new job offers. 

Additionally, netizens recommended that Narieana report her situation to the Labour Department to seek reasonable compensation for the distress she had endured. Many shared personal experiences of successfully obtaining compensation from employers through official channels.

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