Idris Elba Returns As The Troubled Detective In Netflix’s 'Luther'



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Idris Elba Returns As The Troubled Detective In Netflix’s 'Luther'

By storyteller24

Things aren't looking so great for John Luther in the first trailer for Luther: The Fallen Sun. The upcoming Netflix film sees Idris Elba return as the beleaguered detective, and the new clip shows him breaking out of prison in order to solve a crime that continues to haunt him before going up against a menacing new villain played by Andy Serkis.

The movie itself is a continuation of Luther the TV series, which ended in 2019 after five seasons. In addition to Elba and Serkis, it also stars Cynthia Erivo and Dermot Crowley, who reprises his role as detective superintendent Martin Schenk. It's directed by Jamie Payne, who directed several episodes of the show, with a screenplay from series creator Neil Cross. With all of these familiar faces, if nothing else, the movie should have a smooth continuity after the franchise took a few years off

The Fallen Sun starts streaming on March 10th. 

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